ITALY 1984

Kapak 8,5

Plak 8,5

A1 Goodbye, So Long 2:03
A2 If I Can't Be The First 2:04
A3 Am I A Fool In Love 2:52
A4 I Wish My Dreams Would Come True 1:43
A5 Hard Times 2:14
A6 Hurt Is All You Gave Me 2:24
A7 Good Times 2:48
A8 I Can't Stop Loving You 3:42
A9 Finger Poppin 2:29
A10 You Don't Want Me No More 3:07
B1 It's Crazy Baby 2:53
B2 Gonna Have Fun 2:03
B3 Chicken Shack 1:49
B4 I Don't Need 2:10
B5 Something Came Over Me 2:41
B6 Don't You Blame It On Me 1:42
B7 Good Time Tonight 2:48
B8 I Know 3:17
B9 Tell The Truth 2:42
B10 You Are My Sunshine 3:21
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